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Mon to Sun:  11 am - 8 pm

We love all things tech, gadgets and electronic gadgets, one thing that should not be done is confuse our passion for snobbery. 


We fix all kinds of electronic devices such as computers, phones, tablets, and even game consoles. 


Whether you have a virus on your computer or it's simply running slow and you need it optimized, we can most certainly help.


We know exactly what it's like when your computer or phone isn't working the way you want it, and we're here for you.


Please contact us or visit our store for assistance.

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Mon to Fri:  9 am  -  7:30 pm

Sat:  9 am  -  3 pm

iStyle store in Cabo San Lucas offers professional support for Apple Mac computers and accessories.  We've been in business for over 5 years and have helped thousands of clients in the time.


All service repairs are handled here in our shop.


  • iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air & Mac Pro support
  • Mac OS X software Installation or Re-installation
  • Boot Camp or Parallels set up for Mac Computers.
  • Ram Memory installation
  • Hard Drive installation
  • External drives
  • Support, repair, and installation for Apple TV



MEX:  624.105.0868

We are local tech experts specializing in the repair of personal computers.


Personal Computer Repair

When your computer gets a virus or it crashes, it's a scary thing and you want the problem fixed as soon as possible.  This is where we come in.  We can get your computer back up and running in the shortest possible time, minimizing the wait and the losses that you might normally experience.


WIFI Business Networks

We also are very well known for helping local businesses set up more advanced computer networks and high capacity wifi and internet systems.


Service Policy

We offer the best service for our clients, the best response time, and have a wonderful support team ready to assist you.  Often times, we can solve matters for you remotely, saving you a trip to our office.

MEX:  624.157.1289

PC & Server Support

Whether you just need help with your personal PC or you are a business owner seeking advanced services, Cabo Tek can help with just about any tech solution.


We're great at getting viruses off of personal computers and we also excel at helping businesses set up advanced office computer systems for improved efficiency.


Technical Training

Having problems with your email? Software issues? Need any training to improve your skills on the computer? We can help get you in the digital age.


We offer this service to individuals in their home and we also provide training to company-wide staff.



If you need your internet set up or if you have dead zones and want to improve your wifi in your home or place of work, we can most certainly help.  We specialize in Commercial and Residencial Wifi solutions.