MEX:  624.143.2460

Known locally as "Taco Heaven", Asi y Asado has long been considered one of the top places to go for tacos.  It's been featured on many international TV shows, including Guy Fieri's "Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives".


Tacos, Fajitas, Burritos, and More

Whatever your favorite type of Mexican food is...they serve it here and it's delicious.  The most common food ordered up is the steak tacos and fish tacos...but, you'd be wise to order just about anything else.  You'll be sure to love it.


      Two Locations in Cabo

  • Highway location
    The original spot is located right off the highway across from Costco.  It's your quintesential Taquria.  Open air and the perfect place for a quick bite and a few beers. 

  • Walmart location
    The newer location near Walmart is more of a traditional restaurant experience, but still offering the same menu and great flavors that people fell in love with the first time around.  This establishment also has a full bar and a great play area for kids...something that parents love!

Cabo:  624.172.0398

San Jose:  624.688.3926

La Lupita is located in the heart of the art district of San Jose del Cabo.


This is NOT your traditional taco restaurant.  It's definitely one of the cooler dining establishments in the Los Cabos area.  The ambiance is fantastic and the design is very trendy. 


La Lupita a great place to grab a quick bite if you're hungry in the day...but it's also a wonderful option for a more sophisticated night out with friends.


Taco's Re-imagined

Many locals will tell you that La Lupita is far and away the best place to go for Tacos.  The quality ingredients and the wide range of inventive taco options back that claim up.  La Lupita has reinvented tacos and introduced them as something that can be very sophisticated...and yet amazingly tasty at the same time.


Live Music

Most nights you'll find one of the areas top musical acts playing.  The music selection always adds to the experience.  You'll either hear a familiar song from the past you love...or you'll hear something new that really sounds great.



Taqueria Rossy

MEX:  624.142.6755

Taqueria Rossy serves some of the best tacos in San José.


Very well known for their Fish and chicken tacos, Tacos Rossy is a no-frills joint always brimming with local families and tourists who munch on everything from peel-and-eat shrimp to ceviche and chocolate clams.


Served breaded and fried, the shrimp, scallop, fish, and chicken tacos here are cheap and delicious. Dress them up however you like at a condiment bar that offers avocados, chilies, cabbage slaw, onions, and an assortment of sauces from tomatillo to habanero.


A Locals Favorite

A clear sign of a restaurant's greatness is how busy it is with locals.  And in San Jose, you will not find a more frequented Taqueria than Tacos Rossy. 


The service is very fast, so you'll never have to wait long.  Adorning the walls are photos, some decades old, showing the early years of the establishment when it was only a small operation at the same location, minus the restuarant...just a family on the roadside selling tacos from their push cart. Tacos Rossy is truly a part of Los Cabos history and it should be on your list of places to visit.

MEX:  624.143.4295

Having established itself in Cabo more than 30 years ago with only a few plastic tables and chairs, a cement floor, and a palm leaf roof, the family-run Gardenias has passed the test of time.


Traditional Home-Style Mexican at its Best

Enjoy a delicious variety of tacos: fish & shrimp (breaded or grilled), cochinita pibil, nopales, chicharron, barbacoa and chicken.  Watch skilled Mexican women in the open-air central kitchen as they prepare everything from rice and beans to our house specialty, Shrimp Molcajetes.


Seafood Heaven

We are very well known for our amazing seafood dishes, which include our special Shrimp Molcajete prepared with salsa, onion and cheese. Additional favorites are our ceviche, Seafood soup, Fish salad, Shrimp cocktail and much more!


There are several things that set Gardenias apart from other taco places around Cabo. Whereas most taquerias open in the late afternoon and remain so until the wee hours of the morning, primarily for the club-goers, Gardenias is open from 8:00 am. to 10:00 pm, making itself available to the beach crowd and those strolling around the main drag.



MEX:  624.105.1961

Quite possibly, the best tacos and street food in the entire state of Baja California Sur. 


It's not the Ritz Carlton or the Four Seasons, so don't expect an indoor air-conditioned established with pristine conditions.  This is street food.  But street food at its best.  If you're a picky eater and need a sterile environment and perfect conditions, skip this place and head to one of the hotels.


But, if you want truly authentic street food at its very best, this is where you should go.


From the first moment they opened in early 2010, Tacos Guss immediately established themselves as the #1 Taco spot in Cabo.  Initially, the only patrons were taxi drivers and locals.


But, over time, and by consistently delivering incredible meals time and time again, the legend of this establishment's amazing food has spread, and now it's common to see tourists packing the place to maximum capacity day in and day out.


Conveniently located on Cabo's main street, it's halfway between Cabo Wabo and Mandala.  Only about a 2-minute walk from both clubs.